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Financial ERP for the Indian market

MoneyFlow is a one stop accounting and financial software for all small and medium size enterprises. Its objective is oriented towards minimizing data redundancy and centralization of the entire accounting and financial system. It focuses on user friendly principles allowing faster data entry. It is a very simple but highly effective system of accounting and financial management which provides solutions from the point of sale till the point of the Income Tax Return.


  • Web based solution.
  • Highly customizable modules.
  • Detailed user control and authorization.
  • Reduced data entry.
  • Multiple ledgers for single company.
  • Reporting Code configuration.
  • Integration with Tax Forms.
  • Custom Reports.
  • Available in Group co. & service provider versions.


Fuel Tax Compliance software for the US Market. (Successfully implemented at Nucor Vulcraft). Visit www.smart-fleet.com for further information.

SmartFleet utilizes the latest technologies to provide comprehensive fleet management capabilities for all sizes of fleet operations using Internet or Intranet platform. Quarterly IFTA filing is a time consuming job for owner operators and small trucking companies. SmartFleet is a new trucking software that automates everything in a flash of a time.


  • Automatic GPS data import.
  • Fully compliant with Fuel Tax regulations.
  • Previous reports can be retrieved from the time you are with SmartFleet.


World’s simplest Asset Tracking Solution!

Tag4Track is an NFC/RFID based Asset Tracking Solution.Role based authentication.Option to customize the authorization levels. Create custom asset type with detailed custom parameters. Create/update asset with web or a smartphone. Tag the asset during the creation of the asset from a smartphone.Track movement of asset from web or a smartphone. Access detailed asset history. Run custom reports to track and trace assets.Dashboard & Asset list based on real time status. Automated audit checks. Salvage asset.


  • NFC-V and RFID (bulk scan) based Hybrid technology which combines power and strength of both technologies.
  • NFC enabled phone can read tags attached to an asset, so end users can use their NFC enabled smartphones for transactions.
  • Compatible with non NFC based phones using smart search.
  • Multi-platform application support.
  • "Bring your own device" concept will help the organization implement the cost effective.
  • Cloud based application will support seamless integration of multiple-location/centralized asset tracking.


Employee performance appraisal and feedback system.

eVAL360 application is a 360 degree collaborative performance appraisal system. The default template is based on attendance, productivity/use of time, teamwork & collaboration, communication, quality & accountability, adaptability, initiative & problem solving, performance management & leadership. A new template can be added or the default template can be altered to suit the needs of your organization. A final score is generated based on the scale chosen during the set up.


  • Highly customizable appraisal system.
  • Customizable rating scales.
  • Can remove rating and use the system just for feedback too.
  • MultiGenerate customized reports.
  • Multi-Device Compatibility.
  • Web-based.
  • Team reporting structure configuration.
  • Admin can control to prevent sensitive issues.


Softcons's Suite of Unified Products(suiteup).Powerful,robust,proven products are unified into a suite.

SuiteUP is an end to end performance manager that manages a team member’s performance from the time of assignment of work to the time of variable payment.


  • Team Performance Management.
  • Asset Management.
  • Accounting.
  • Hybrid Application.
  • Customization Options.
  • Unique Dashboard!